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The Community of St John’s charism is to seek to follow Christ, as the apostle John did “in order to in order to give witness, in today's Church and to the entire world, to the absolute primacy of the love of Jesus' heart, His filial love for the Father whom He glorifies, His love for men whom He saves”.


St John is the apostle who laid his head on Jesus’ heart during the Last Supper. Following his example, we seek to anchor our lives in contemplation of God through silent prayer, adoration, daily Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours. This prayer life is the source of our religious life which bears witness to a total consecration to Jesus and the Father. This prayer life is deepened through fraternal charity, upon which St John insisted greatly. It is in his Gospel that we find Jesus new commandment : love one another as I have loved you. (Jn 13:34). We have chosen to live this commandment of love through a fraternal life in small communities called priories.

A life of study is an integral part of our consecration to Christ. Jesus prayed for all of his disciples, that they may be “consecrated in the truth” (Jn 17: 17-19). The Brothers receive this prayer as a strong encouragement to make studies of philosophy and theology the centre of their religious life. This permanent research nourishes our contemplation of God.

It is through apostolic activity that our priories seek to share our life of prayer, fraternal charity and study with the wider community. The main role of each priory is to be a spiritual oasis, where people can come and refresh themselves with God who, as John writes in his first letter, is Love and Life.


In order to be at the service of the Church, priories are founded in response to Bishops’ requests. The pastors give us responsibility of formation centres, for example, or retreats, parishes, shrines, chaplaincies. We endeavour to fulfil these missions, according to our charism, paying particular attention to young people and families. We often open spiritual centres (or ‘St John schools’) in our priories to facilitate intellectual and spiritual formation.
The brothers of St John, the apostolic sisters of St John, the contemplative sisters, and secular oblates (lay-people closely involved with the community) form a new family within the Church : the St John Family.