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10 Good reasons to come to WYD with the St John Community

  1. You will do the “WYD weekends” with your priory to prepare for the event.
  2. You will take part in the WYD with a group of 2000 young people from all over the world.
  3. You will do a pilgrimage to Czestochowa.
  4. You will participate in the International festival of St John.
  5. You will make life long friendships.
  6. You will attend the catechesis provided by the brothers and sisters of the Community of St John.
  7. You will have an extra few days after WYD to spend with the St John Community in Poland.
  8. You will meet and spend time with many religious brothers and sisters who are always free to be with you and to help you.
  9. You will be able to meet up with the other young people from your priory upon returning from the WYD event.
  10. You will have the chance to participate in prayers alongside the religious brothers and sisters of the community.


  1. “I won’t know anyone”
    Come to the WYD weekends that are organised by your priory in order to prepare for WYD and to meet plenty of other young people !
  2. “There is not a priory near me”
    Well, you can go with a priory of your choice and it is a chance to discover another region or area of your country !
  3. “I am not familiar with the Community of St John”
    WYD with the Community will be an occasion for you to discover this community.
  4. “I want to go to Kracow by bike”
    If you have another way that you would like to get to Kracow, you can arrange departures and meeting places with your priory.
  5. “I do not live in France”
    There are groups that are leaving from all over the world !


WYD contributed a lot to my faith - to see so many young people present shows that our faith is real. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ - we must dare to follow the Lamb and have the courage to witness to our faith. I went with the Saint John community because over the last few years have I wanted to build a true Christian life, a true life of prayer, an encounter with the Lord, and formation. I like their way of life, their teachings, their liveliness, and the encounters.

Axel - France


During World Youth Day, I had the chance to discover that I was not alone. Jesus Christ makes me happy. With thanks to the Community of St. John. This experience gave me the opportunity to ‘live’ the Church in a different way and to live with more hope for the future of the Church.

François - Quebec


At World Youth Day and with the brothers of St John, we were all able to work on ourselves and others. It was the most beautiful thing I've done in my life. With the Brothers of St. John, I also prayed in all languages of the earth such as French, English, Spanish …

Patrice - Quebec


WYD is an amazing experience where you discover a lot about yourself, about others,about different cultures, and it is also where we learn to be more humble. At WYD we feel that God is present, and that helps us to open up. WYD with the Saint John community allowed so many young people to experience great moments together and the community then becomes a basis of many intercultural and intercontinental friendships !

Marcella - Brazil