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World Youth Day



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"Go and make disciples of all nations"

- Matthew 28:19
Theme for World Youth Day 2013

Who:  Those who want something more out of their lives and happen to be between 18 – 35 years old

What:  Serious Formation, Serious Mission, Serious Holiness and Serious Adventure = Incredible Trip

When:  You will fly in from your destination and arrive on or around July 12th, 2013 and leave around the 29th

Where:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why:  Unite with 6 million of my peers, help my brothers, encounter God and go to the Beach. Who can ask for more?

The itinerary includes the following:


July 13-15, 2013 – Arrival in Brazil, Activities according to groups: the beach, the forest, missionary activity

July 16, 2013 – Visit Aparecida (National Marian Sanctuary)

July 17 – 22, 2013 – Missionary days of the diocese all together in Mendes

July 21-22, 2013 – Return to Mendes – Formation in the New Evangelization continues

July 23, 2013 
           – World Youth Day begins 
           – Opening Mass with the Archbishop Tempesta of Rio de Janeiro

July 24, 2013 
           – Catechesis (teaching) sessions at various locations across Rio 
           –Youth Festival events

July 25, 2013 
           – Catechesis (teaching) sessions at various locations across Rio 
           – Papal Arrival and welcome 
           – Youth Festival events

July 26, 2013 
           – Catechesis (teaching) sessions at various locations across Rio
           – Stations of the Cross: a re-enactment of the last hours of Jesus’ life
           – Youth Festival events

July 27, 2013 
           – Pilgrimage across Rio de Janeiro to the vigil site 
           – Evening Vigil with the Pope and sleep out ‘under the stars’

July 28, 2013 
           – Papal Motorcade commencing prior to final Mass
           – Final Mass celebrated by the Pope 
           – Announcement of the next host city 
           – Youth festival events

July 29 - 31 
           – Stay in Rio - visit Brazil - return home

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